Individual Consultations

During a 1 on 1 consultation at Harmony Health, we go above and beyond to understand who you are and where you come from through a holistic evaluation of your total well being and health history. We prioritize our time for your story, so we can truly hear your concerns and symptoms, and understand that you are a whole person rather than a miscellaneous amount of diagnoses and side effects. Our initial screenings address your health concerns and medical history and leave you with more than a customized protocol suggesting only the highest quality, over the counter, natural and affordable products, outside lab and specialty referrals, and a feeling of being understood. We invite you to a new tailored health journey and are confident we can help you feel your best again.






Speaking Engagements 

When Justice isn't in the office, she is out with the Harmony Team educating, lecturing, hosting discussions, and learning more about your community's health concerns. From presentations to case studies and panel discussions, we are available and eager to help your organization and community learn more about pressing health concerns for women and men alike.


Research & Writing

We believe in transparency and accuracy from every angle, especially when it comes to our medical research, theories, and blogs. Read deeper about the sources of our voice and check out our written articles and favorite published studies, then catch a breath in one of our lifestyle blogs while you sit back and do what we do best, learn to live happier and healthier, the easy way.


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Webinars & Education

We are more than health professionals, and proudly call ourselves health and wellness advocates. We believe in empowering people through health education, and applicable techniques and methods to improve their daily lives. Our webinars and educational series are great ways to tap into responding to your body and controlling the negative symptoms that inhibit you from living your best life. Join us, educate yourself and others for a healthier future.

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