A Simple Detox Bath

Detoxing. This has become a fashionable word recently. Simply put, by doing a detox, you are simply allowing the body to rid toxins and unhealthy substances to lessen the work load on our body's systems. While there are many kinds of detoxes available, we want to share a simple and easy detox with you. And who doesn't enjoy a bath?

This bath is designed to help your body flush out toxins by raising your body temperature to make you sweat. This helps your lymphatic system remove toxins that may be contributing to the illness. Feel free to adjust the instructions accordingly for your own needs.

* Please note: Reduce temperature of the bath if you have any conditions such as high blood pressure, history of stroke or heart attack, for children, etc.

Detox Bath instructions

Draw a bath of HOT water (as hot as you can stand, but not so hot that it burns you)

Add the following to it:

1 cup of Baking Soda

2 cups Magnesium flakes or Epsom salts

½ cup Apple Cider Vinegar

Optional additions:

1 tbsp of ground ginger (this helps raise body temp, so you may want to use this sparingly)

Essential oils depending on your particular needs (E.G. eucalyptus for aches, lavender for relaxation, peppermint for inflammation, or mix and match!)

Relax and Enjoy!

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